C.Bros Contracting Ltd. opened their doors April 1988. Frank Chikie and his brother Dan started the company just after the Edmonton Tornado in 1987, doing shingling replacing all the roofs damaged by the storm. After they finished replacing all the roofs around 1990 they decided to get into framing. Frank and Dan started with each other and 1 other employee. Slowly C-Bros started to grow so they began training their guys to run crews of their own, getting up to about 10 crews by 2004. In 1992 Frank and Dan purchased their 1st Apartment Building (an 8 suiter by NAIT). December 1994 they purchased a 15 suiter by Londerry Mall and in April 1995 purchased a 33 suiter by Olivier Square. In 2004 Dan left to pursue his own company. 
    2007 C.Bros Contracting Ltd. was up to 40 crews, with a Site Manager conducting daily inspections and a bookkeeper in the office. When the recession hit C.Bros Contracting Ltd. dropped down to 4 crews but were always there to stand behind there work. Even for the crews that went back East, if there were any problems with their work another crew would be sent in to correct the problem. As of 2015 C-Bros Contracting Ltd was back up to 10 crews, and we are now proud to say we are SECOR certified ...... The company is operated day to day by Frank Chikie and Carmen Hatfield.
                                            We never had to advertise to get work, always word of mouth - Frank Chikie   
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